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Generally a wayleave agreement is the formal written consent between two parties giving rights to install, inspect, maintain, alter or repair equipment or apparatus located on the private land.

Wayleave agreements usually are terminable and run for a specific period of time. Wayleave issues can arise when you have been approached by the utility companies to site new overhead lines, cables or pipes on your land or when you wish to explore the possibility of diverting or removing unsightly overhead lines and other equipment to a less obtrusive location away from your property.

Clearly the placing of utility apparatus on your land could affect the usage of the land and may affect its resale value to a future purchaser. Prospective buyers may wish to explore the wayleave options open to them before proceeding with the purchase of a new property or even before contemplating the selling of existing property or land.

Invariably with change of land ownership or land usage wayleave issues arise which may require the diversion or relocation of overhead lines, pipes and cables.


Although it may be possible to service notice of the termination of some wayleave agreements the utility companies would generally be apposed to the diverting or removal of its apparatus on economic grounds which may be also protected by legislation.

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